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Hello Foodiezzzzz!


BlueSea, Seafood - Boil & Grill offers catering services for your delighted events/parties, passion to make the occasions more flavorful, we will be committed for the best food and services in acknowledgment of your valuable time. It will be our pleasure serving you.

Salad: Served with Croutons

            Green Salad – Honey, Black Pepper - Caesar dressing

            Garbanzo Salad – House seasoning

Soup: Served with Croutons

           Veg:   Carrot/Ginger

                     Sour n Sweet Corn

           Meat: Seafood Chowder

                     Sweet Corn n Sour Chicken

Starter: Served with any sides

            Cauliflower – Fried

            Mix Veggie Patties - Grilled

            Apollo - Fish (Fried fish cubes tossed with veggies)

            Apollo - Shrimp (Fried shrimp tossed with veggies)

            Popcorn - Shrimp

            Chicken Tenders – Fried

            Chili - Chicken (Spicy)

            Appollo - Chicken (Fried Chicken tossed with veggies)

Entree: Served with meal

            Shrimp – Honey, garlic, black pepper / Scampi

            Cod – Fried / Grilled / Steamed - Honey, garlic, black pepper

            Salmon – Grilled / Steamed - Honey, garlic, black pepper

            Salmon - Butter sauce

            Tilapia – Fried / Grilled - Honey, garlic, black pepper

            Chicken – Fried / Grilled - Honey, garlic, black pepper

            Lamb – Grilled

            Snow Crab Legs - Served with butter


            Fried Noodle – (Tossed with vegetables / chicken / shrimp)

            Fried Rice – (Tossed with vegetables / chicken / shrimp)

            Lemon Rice

            Tomato Rice


            Sliced bread – Butter (Wheat/White)

            Dinner rolls - Butter

Po-Boy Slider:

             Cake: Mix Veggies - Fish - Shrimp – Crab

             Fried: Fish – Shrimp – Lobster Claws 

             Salad: Tuna – Crab – Lobster Claws

             Minced Chicken Patty

             Minced Lamb Patty


            French Fries

            Tater Tots

            Sweet Corn


            Green Beans



           Spinach parmesan

           Roast tomato parmesan

           Bang-Bang Sauce – Tartar Sauce

           Sweet Chili Sauce – Cocktail Sauce


          Cheesecake - Topping: Mango / Vanila / Strawberry

          Fruit salad - Mango / Vanilla / Strawberry

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